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UAE Sports Betting

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UAE Sports Betting

Welcome gentlemen.  You’re likely already aware of the issues that surround sports betting within the United Arab Emirates.  It is technically illegal to gamble on sports in the UAE.  It is important to note that many types of content are technically illegal for people in the UAE to access via the Internet.  The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) within UAE has the ability to block this content.  However, with regard to Internet content that is relevant to gambling, like sports betting, little if any content is being blocked.  Prior to the recent TRA website redesign, there was a page that showed than none of these sites were being blocked, despite their right to do so.   

In other words, Emiratis and ex-patriots within the UAE have free access to online sportsbooks that accept wagers from people around the world, even though the government has the ability to block you.  It is up to you if you feel that you should act upon this freedom.  If you feel as if you’d like to proceed, you need to find the right betting site for your needs, and not all companies serve the Emirates.  Thus, I’ve compiled a list of the best eight companies that cater to the needs of UAE sports bettors, whether you reside in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah or Umm al-Quwain.  

Banking with your betting site from the UAE

Key to your sportsbook experience is the manner in which you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds, to and from your betting account via your chosen UAE-friendly banking methods.  

As two major sports betting sites in the world offers Emirati Dirham betting accounts, you might need to make a choice about what currency you use for your account.   If you want to be with some of the top providers, your betting account must be in another currency, other than the AED.  More methods are also compatible with other currencies like the USD, EUR or GBP.  In conjunction with this, you may also want a banking method that exists in the same currency to minimize currency exchange fees. I outline the key points.

High Limit Sports Betting in the United Arab Emirates

High Limit Betting

Most sportsbooks cater to the average bettor.  However, with a relatively small population and a very high average income in the UAE, it might make sense for you to examine the betting sites that can accommodate bettors that wish to bet larger sums of money.  Some services are more able to accept high stakes wagers than others.  I examine the limits at each of the sportsbooks I list so you can bet as much as you would like to, on the sports that interest you the most.

Is gambling & online sports betting legal from the UAE?

This probably will not come as a surprise, gambling is not legal in the Emirates.  It seems as though every year or two, there are arrests made to crack down on public gambling, whether out in the open air, or within a hotel room or apartment.  In 2019, a man was arrested, jailed and fined for organizing a gambling game on a Dubai street.  The Pakistani national lured passersby to play the game.  None of the participants or those that gathered around the game were taken into custody.  However, sometimes participants can get caught up in the arrests.  In 2013, police burst into a Dubai villa and arrested 35 men for their presence in a gambling den.  

While gambling and sports betting is not an activity that the authorities in the UAE wish to support in any official capacity, the reality is that punishment and prosecution has been limited to the kinds of examples listed above; organizing the gambling, or taking part in a public place.  This is why online sports betting from the UAE has become very popular.  When people wish to bet on sports in private, they are essentially being left to do as they please.  As a private activity done online, it is not something that attracts problems from local law enforcement.

Perhaps this divergence makes sense.  After all, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, owns Manchester City FC.  Manchester City enjoys a global betting partnership with MarathonBet (which now does not accept players from the UAE).  It would be quite a contradiction for Man City and its owners to on one hand benefit from a corporate marketing partnership with a betting company, but on the other hand, prosecute UAE residents for using the same betting service that is being marketed by their football club.  Thus, this is likely a main reason why online sports betting with off-shore providers is essentially being allowed, if quietly within the Emirates.    

Do any of these bookmakers provide an Arabic language option?

Yes, indeed they do.  10Bet is investing and currently working to translate their site to have an Arabic version.  Plus, even though it is still only in English, 10Bet provides live customer support in both Arabic and English.  This is how much they focus on providing excellent service to the UAE market.  If you can’t wait and want a great site that already has an Arabic betting site version, Spin Sports is your best option.

How my research formed this list with the UAE bettor in mind

I’ve identified the best betting sites for almost every important market on Earth from the perspective of the people in each respective market.  Not every betting company is geared toward every market due to issues regarding registration acceptance, language, currency, banking, sports coverage and more.  As such, I’ve reviewed dozens of online sportsbooks to identify the best ones for each market.  

In my list above, I only include the betting sites that are right for the Emirates’ market, excluding the sites that fail to measure up.  Most other review sites list every site that they review because they don’t care which site you actually choose.  They would prefer you simply recognize a logo and click through to register, even if that site is a poor choice for you.  I choose not to list brands that I feel fail to meet UAE player needs.

Each of my listed sites accept UAE bettors, are all well-established companies with excellent reputations, have UAE-friendly banking methods, excellent mobile betting platforms, while focusing on the sports that Emiratis and ex-patriot UAE residents tend to enjoy the most.  Many also offer extremely high betting limits for bettors that have vast resources with which to play.

I don’t provide phoney star ratings or grades.  I assume my readers are smart enough to look past such juvenile tactics used by other review sites.  You’ll find my list essentially in no order of preference, with the key information stated concisely so you may move on to get started quickly. Each little summary gives you the key points or you may click to read a little more information in the site review.

Interested in a bookie brand that you do not see here?

Understand that many UK & European betting brands simply do not serve the UAE or other countries in the GCC, and this might be the case with your brand of interest.  Brands like Betsson, Betsafe, Ladbrokes, Bwin, SkyBet and BetFair among many others simply do not accept players that live in the Emirates.  Even if you wanted to play with these companies and you use a VPN to hide your location, when it comes to verifying your account toward making a withdrawal, they would know where you live and would close your account.  Do not waste your time at sites that will not serve you.  All the online bookies that we list above not only serve the UAE, they tailor their service to ensure you get the best possible experience as reflected by their bonus offers, support languages and in some cases the available website language or account currency.

UAE mobile betting & bookmaker apps

In terms of mobile betting, each of these services offers a mobile-optimized website that you will be able to access from within UAE.  While many of these providers do provide mobile apps, these are only made available to residents of a limited group of countries.  Despite this, understand that the experiences using the mobile sites are excellent, fast & include essentially full coverage of betting markets in comparison to the online experience from your Mac or PC.  Read more about this on the UAE mobile sports betting page.

Do these betting sites offer other types of online gambling?

Yes, most of them at least provide online and live casino games from within the same account and login from the Emirates.   With each of the companies listed above, you may play a large variety of online and live blackjack, baccarat, roulette and slots games.

Beyond the casino, if you want to access to an online poker room or online bingo in addition to your sports betting platform, so you may also play against other people around the world, your options include bet365 and Unibet.  They have impressively large customer bases that help to ensure that they can always have plenty of available games for you to join at any time of the day.  Our expertise here is the review of sports betting sites for the UAE.  If you have an interest in learning more on the topic of these other gaming categories, we would refer you to read about the best UAE casino sites for a deeper analysis on the issue.

UAE Sports Betting Bonuses

The best online sports betting for the United Arab Emirates in 2023

10Bet has become a top betting brand, online since 2003.  Enjoy one of the most generous bonus offers on the market, which is available for UAE bettors.  Get solid odds, early cash out, top live betting & a wide array of markets for all sports. They will exceed your expectations with their dedicated Arab language customer care team.  Read the 10Bet UAE review.


Key Issues of UAE Betting Sites

Unibet, headquartered in Stockholm, provides some amazing coverage of sports betting, especially with their  huge number of betting markets.  If you like a breadth of sports, Unibet must be considered heavily.  You will also find a bonus offer when you click to visit them. Aston Villa shirt sponsor. Read the Unibet UAE review.

Go! Go!

bet365 covers all sports comprehensively in terms of the number of available leagues & betting markets. They have the most intuitive interfaces for mobile and desktop and they constantly innovate with the most advanced features for bettors.  Lots of banking methods are available for UAE bettors.  Read the bet365 UAE review.

Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide and offer a beautiful interface with an excellent mobile platform.  Like most top betting sites, they also offer an early cash out feature.  Betway offers great football betting in addition to all sports.  AED accounts available.  Long-time sponsor of West Ham United FC. They have the largest UAE new customer offer when you click to visit. Read the Betway UAE review.


Unfortunately, many of the online bookmakers that do serve the UAE do not make their new customer bonuses available to players resident in the Emirates. To save your time, we only list UAE betting sites with bonus offers that are indeed available to you in the United Arab Emirates.

About UAE sports betting bonuses

Not all betting sites offer new customer bonuses.  Those that do offer bonuses do not always offer them to customers from all countries.  Sometimes no more than one or two countries are eligible for the offers.  

As such, in my research, I wanted to include companies that allowed UAE residents to be eligible for their online bookmaker bonuses.  If you want to explore new customer offers from the United Arab Emirates, look at 10Bet, Betway, bet365, Unibet, BetVictor and Spin Sports.  

You may access these offers by clicking the banners, or any of the associated logos or buttons within our UAE bookmaker list.  Either way, you will be greeted by the latest applicable bonus offer along with the associated terms & conditions.

BetVictor is known widely in the UK for having some of the most competitive football odds. If football is going to be the sport on which you will focus more than any other, BetVictor must be near the top of your list. BetVictor offers an Arabic language site version & customer support. Known for many EPL club sponsorships. Read the BetVictor UAE review.